This is a list of reading material that has come up in one of our discussions:

Earley and Forst (2019) – Everything that Went Wrong: Challenges and opportunities of designing in circular fashion systems

Earley (2019) – Perspectives on the Future of Polyester

Trash2Cash EU Project – T2C

T2C Paper: Can automated NIR technology be a way to improve the sorting quality of textile waste?

Mistra Future Fashion – MFF

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Textiles:  Environmental Improvement Potential of Textiles

CCD PhD Thesis – Clara Vuletich – Transitionary Textiles: a craft-based journey of textile design practice towards new values and roles for a sustainable fashion industry

CCD co-directors websites: Professor Rebecca Earley and Dr Kate Goldsworthy

Sustainability Activism: Extinction Rebellion

Is Global Collapse imminent? – Graham Turner (2014) – Limits to Growth

Peter Sloterdijk (2010) – How big is “big”